2023-02-04: Walthamstow Central to Chingford This was one of the shorter walks so far, going from Walthamstow Central, to Wood Street, Highams …

2023-02-04: And finally, the walk home (via Tesco for provisions, obv.) 🚶📷

2023-02-04: And then from Highams Park on to the final stop at Chingford 🚶📷

2023-02-04: The next bit of the photowalk, from Wood Street, over the North Circular Road, and towards Higham …

2023-02-04: A shorter photowalk today, ticking off the stretch between Walthamstow Central and Chingford First …

2023-01-23: Walking the tube update An update on my walks along the route of the tube. The map below shows what I’ve covered so …

2023-01-04: On Monday I walked the length of the London Underground’s Victoria line. This was the first …

2023-01-01: Happy 2023! Using Sunlit to test uploading video of the fireworks over my little corner of north …

2022-12-13: Walthamsnow

2022-12-03: Apple really need to learn a thing or two about sharing from Spotify. Replay is Apple’s take …

2022-11-23: This is a test to see whether Sunlit is correctly saving my alt text.

2022-11-12: Oh blimey. #spurs ⚽️ Alt: Spurs defending a free kick.

2022-11-12: Lolz Alt: sign outside a pub saying ‘kick off times: Leeds 3pm, spurs 4pm’

2022-11-12: I always love the look of this old curry house that I go past on my commute to the office. Alt text, …

2022-11-11: He’s like a despotic medieval king getting wound up by the jester’s jokes. …

2022-11-11: Is there a German word for that mixed up feelings of delight watching a company blow up in a …

2022-11-09: Little Rishi. #bazaart

2022-11-09: Singing ‘don’t stop it, moquette’ to the tune of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit. #ElizabethLine 🚇

2022-11-09: Checked out Bond Street on the Elizabeth line, innit. 🚇

2022-11-09: Looks like quite a nasty fire in the flats by South Grove, #walthamstow #e17

2022-11-09: Playing with the #bazaart app again 🎨

2022-11-07: Taking another very quick look at #bazaart

2022-11-04: Meridian

2022-11-04: Things I learned today, no. 1: Hi-Fi brand Audio-Technica also manufacture sushi making machines: …

2022-11-03: Got caught in the rain this morning, innit. (This was an actual case of ‘wait 25 mins for the 97, …

2022-11-03: Got caught in the rain last night, innit.

2022-10-13: Flag for Gian Piero Ventrone.

2022-10-09: Chippy chips!

2022-09-30: Weird, this used to be my nickname at school.

2022-09-12: It’s good that TfL have put up posters for the Queen and for Prince Andrew.

2022-08-15: Well, this is quite the thing that I saw on my lunchtime perambulation around Walthamstow. I now …

2022-08-08: Here we go again ⚽️

2022-08-01: Vital cogs in the machine: down the boozer watching the lionesses win the Euros 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

2022-07-27: Walthamstow FC vs Leyton Orient XI

2022-07-06: Who’s Statler and Waldorf behind the Prime Minsiter?

2022-07-06: Loving that BBC News has a live resignations ticker.

2022-07-06: Mum and Dad’s old Steve Bell cartoon showing rats leaving the sinking ship at the end of the …

2022-07-01: The work picnic is going well

2022-06-27: The pump handles at the Truman’s Social are in the shape of the old Truman’s brewery chimney.


2022-06-11: Wossington on his charity run around Tottenham marshes.

2022-06-08: Clouds, innit

2022-06-05: The actual reality arcade, Mile Long Street Festival, #Walthamstow

2022-06-05: The Mile Long Street Festival, #Walthamstow

2022-06-04: Walthamstow Central roundel

2022-06-03: Checking out the Lizzy line

2022-06-03: Using the bank holiday wisely

2022-05-30: Nice to PETSCII you, to PETSCII you, nice. #retrospecs

2022-05-27: The Stratford 9/11 memorial

2022-05-24: Leaving event.

2022-05-21: Took while this stumbling home from the pub last night because the glow in the sky looked fantastic.

2022-05-20: The youth of Stratford seem to have found a new hobby. 🛒

2022-05-15: Last home game of the season ⚽️

2022-05-15: Good work opening the charity shop and everything, but I’m not sure I want to support homelessness …

2022-05-13: Where’s Wally? ⚽️🥚

2022-05-13: Celebration ⚽️

2022-05-12: What Harry can teach us about content design This post has been copied over from my old site. It was originally dated 21 February, 2021 Our team …

2022-05-11: Stratford looking a little cyberpunk in the rain.

2022-05-10: Please believe these days will pass. #walthamstow #e17

2022-04-26: Walthamstow FC, Essex Senior League champions 2021/22 ⚽️

2022-04-26: Well, what’s this all about?