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Jun 4, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 4th June Here we go again. Another walk to the very north of the TfL map, but this time a bit closer to home. Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My …

Jun 3, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 3rd June Another walk around the TfL map today - this time getting dangerously close to going north of Watford shudder Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist …

May 28, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 28th May Another TfL map walk today - this time ticking off some stuff in the top right of the map. Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My #WalkTheTube …

May 7, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 7th May Central line completed 👣 Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My #WalkTheTube collection on Flickr Where I’ve walked

May 3, 2023: ffs

May 3, 2023: No movements 🏏

May 2, 2023: The photos and slideshow from yesterday’s #WalkTheTube walk are now up in the usual place:… 📷🚶🇬🇧🚇

May 1, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 1st May Jubilee line: done ✅ Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My #WalkTheTube collection on Flickr Where I’ve walked

Apr 29, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 29th April Another #WalkTheTube expedition today, this time pushing out into Metroland. Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My #WalkTheTube collection on …

Apr 22, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 22nd April Another #WalkTheTube today - the Hammersmith and City line has now been completed! 💥 (Plus I cleaned up some annoying little bits around the city and …

Apr 10, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 10th April A short #WalkTheTube today because the weather was so grim - (Walthamstow to) Edmonton Green to Liverpool Street. The slideshow and photos are now up. …

Apr 7, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 7th April Today’s #WalkTheTube exposition saw me tidy up an annoying little bit of the District line, then fill in some Overground on my way to do the northern …

Apr 2, 2023: …and here are the photos from yesterdays #photowalk around the Circle line. 📷🚶… #london #WalkTheTube

Apr 2, 2023: The slideshow from yesterday’s photowalk around the Circle line is now up on YouTube. Non-Londoner’s might enjoy some of the tourist …

Apr 1, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 1st April Things have definitely slowed on the #WalkTheTube front now that I’ve run out of leave - but I did go out and conquer a new line today. The Circle …

Mar 20, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 20th March Here’s today’s #WalkTheTube map update. Photos My #WalkTheTube YouTube playlist My #WalkTheTube collection on Flickr Where I’ve walked

Mar 20, 2023: Oh no, south of the river again. #WalkTheTube

Mar 19, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 19th March I did a little bit of the Piccadilly line, followed by the Central line out to Ealing Broadway. Check the links below for photos and slideshows: My …

Mar 14, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 14th March I’ve just updated my #WalkTheTube map with today’s walk, ticking off the southern end of the northern line, a bit of the tram route and District line …

Mar 14, 2023: Apparently the most southerly station on the tube network. #WalkTheTube

Mar 14, 2023: Someone has made a terrible mistake and built the best building in London on the wrong side of the river.

Mar 14, 2023: These walks are starting to get out of hand 🇺🇸

Mar 8, 2023: Going to the Dogs Further progress on my #WalkTheTube map today - this time colouring in the DLR from Stratford to Lewisham. Going to the Dogs: YouTube slideshow Going …

Mar 8, 2023: Dog!

Mar 8, 2023: SOS

Mar 8, 2023: Out for another walk…

Mar 7, 2023: Just checking that alt text works for me in the updated Sunlit app.

Mar 1, 2023: Walking the TfL map – 1st March Some more little bits ticked off today: YouTube slideshow: Walking the Drain Flickr gallery: Walking the Drain …

Feb 17, 2023: Walking the TfL map – ‘Dilly dally I made a start on the Piccadilly line today. See how I got on: YouTube slideshow: ‘Dilly dally Flickr …

Feb 15, 2023: Walking the TfL map - The central bit of the Central line Right, a bit more of the Central line done. The original plan was to go further, but I was shattered. On the plus side, getting home early meant I …

Feb 9, 2023: Walking the TfL map update - 9 February I made some progress on 3 lines today. First up was a walk to Hackney Central and then on to Stratford. YouTube slideshow: (Walthamstow to) Hackney …

Feb 4, 2023: Walthamstow Central to Chingford This was one of the shorter walks so far, going from Walthamstow Central, to Wood Street, Highams Park and on to Chingford and then back to …

Feb 4, 2023: And finally, the walk home (via Tesco for provisions, obv.) 🚶📷

Feb 4, 2023: And then from Highams Park on to the final stop at Chingford 🚶📷

Feb 4, 2023: The next bit of the photowalk, from Wood Street, over the North Circular Road, and towards Higham Park. 🚶📷

Feb 4, 2023: A shorter photowalk today, ticking off the stretch between Walthamstow Central and Chingford First bit - from Walthamstow Central, through the village …

Jan 23, 2023: Walking the tube update An update on my walks along the route of the tube. The map below shows what I’ve covered so far. Rather dauntingly, it also shows all the bits I …

Jan 4, 2023: On Monday I walked the length of the London Underground’s Victoria line. This was the first stop. Follow the rest of my walk on my Mastodon. …

Jan 1, 2023: Happy 2023! Using Sunlit to test uploading video of the fireworks over my little corner of north east London. #HappyNewYear 🎆🎇

Dec 13, 2022: Walthamsnow

Dec 3, 2022: Apple really need to learn a thing or two about sharing from Spotify. Replay is Apple’s take on Spotify’s Wrapped, but the only way I …

Nov 23, 2022: This is a test to see whether Sunlit is correctly saving my alt text.

Nov 13, 2022: Oh blimey. #spurs ⚽️ Alt: Spurs defending a free kick.

Nov 12, 2022: Lolz Alt: sign outside a pub saying ‘kick off times: Leeds 3pm, spurs 4pm’

Nov 12, 2022: I always love the look of this old curry house that I go past on my commute to the office. Alt text, because I’m not sure the Sunlit app is correctly …

Nov 11, 2022: He’s like a despotic medieval king getting wound up by the jester’s jokes.…

Nov 11, 2022: Is there a German word for that mixed up feelings of delight watching a company blow up in a egotist’s face, and sadness thinking about the poor …

Nov 9, 2022: Little Rishi. #bazaart

Nov 9, 2022: Singing ‘don’t stop it, moquette’ to the tune of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit. #ElizabethLine 🚇

Nov 9, 2022: Checked out Bond Street on the Elizabeth line, innit. 🚇

Nov 9, 2022: Looks like quite a nasty fire in the flats by South Grove, #walthamstow #e17

Nov 9, 2022: Playing with the #bazaart app again 🎨

Nov 7, 2022: Taking another very quick look at #bazaart

Nov 4, 2022: Meridian

Nov 4, 2022: Things I learned today, no. 1: Hi-Fi brand Audio-Technica also manufacture sushi making machines:…

Nov 3, 2022: Got caught in the rain this morning, innit. (This was an actual case of ‘wait 25 mins for the 97, then 3 show up at once’)

Nov 3, 2022: Got caught in the rain last night, innit.

Oct 13, 2022: Flag for Gian Piero Ventrone.

Oct 9, 2022: Chippy chips!

Sep 30, 2022: Weird, this used to be my nickname at school.

Sep 12, 2022: It’s good that TfL have put up posters for the Queen and for Prince Andrew.

Aug 15, 2022: Well, this is quite the thing that I saw on my lunchtime perambulation around Walthamstow. I now want to track down the other 17 Turd Grrl stickers.

Aug 8, 2022: Here we go again ⚽️

Aug 1, 2022: Vital cogs in the machine: down the boozer watching the lionesses win the Euros 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Jul 27, 2022: Walthamstow FC vs Leyton Orient XI

Jul 6, 2022: Who’s Statler and Waldorf behind the Prime Minsiter?

Jul 6, 2022: Loving that BBC News has a live resignations ticker.

Jul 6, 2022: Mum and Dad’s old Steve Bell cartoon showing rats leaving the sinking ship at the end of the Thatcher regime.

Jul 1, 2022: The work picnic is going well

Jun 27, 2022: The pump handles at the Truman’s Social are in the shape of the old Truman’s brewery chimney.

Jun 20, 2022:

Jun 11, 2022: Wossington on his charity run around Tottenham marshes.

Jun 8, 2022: Clouds, innit

Jun 5, 2022: The actual reality arcade, Mile Long Street Festival, #Walthamstow

Jun 5, 2022: The Mile Long Street Festival, #Walthamstow

Jun 4, 2022: Walthamstow Central roundel

Jun 3, 2022: Checking out the Lizzy line

Jun 3, 2022: Using the bank holiday wisely

May 30, 2022: Nice to PETSCII you, to PETSCII you, nice. #retrospecs

May 27, 2022: The Stratford 9/11 memorial

May 24, 2022: Leaving event.

May 21, 2022: Took while this stumbling home from the pub last night because the glow in the sky looked fantastic.

May 20, 2022: The youth of Stratford seem to have found a new hobby. 🛒

May 15, 2022: Last home game of the season ⚽️

May 15, 2022: Good work opening the charity shop and everything, but I’m not sure I want to support homelessness and addiction.

May 14, 2022: Where’s Wally? ⚽️🥚

May 13, 2022: Celebration ⚽️

May 12, 2022: What Harry can teach us about content design This post has been copied over from my old site. It was originally dated 21 February, 2021 Our team at work run small challenges to help us get to …

May 11, 2022: Stratford looking a little cyberpunk in the rain.

May 10, 2022: Please believe these days will pass. #walthamstow #e17

Apr 26, 2022: Walthamstow FC, Essex Senior League champions 2021/22 ⚽️

Apr 26, 2022: Well, what’s this all about?