An update on my walks along the route of the tube. The map below shows what I’ve covered so far.

Rather dauntingly, it also shows all the bits I haven’t walked yet.

A TfL map showing parts of the London Overground, the Victoria line and the north-eastern end of the Central line highlighted.

Some of the map will be completely impractical to do (for example, unless you go way out of your way, it’s difficult to cross the eastern end of the Thames on foot), but I want to see how much I can cover before I get bored or my legs fall off.

2 February update: I made a start on the London Overground today. First Walthamstow Queens Road to Gospel Oak on the Goblin line, then Gospel Oak round to Hackney Central. After that, I flipped over to Hackney Downs and back to Walthamstow Central.